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      VOC Destruction Catalyst

      • VOC Decomposition Catalyst
      • VOC Decomposition Catalyst
      • VOC Decomposition Catalyst
      VOC Decomposition CatalystVOC Decomposition CatalystVOC Decomposition Catalyst

      VOC Decomposition Catalyst

      • VOC Catalyst Fctory
      • High catalytic performance
      • Competitive price
      • Annual output: 20000MT
      • Product description: Minstrong Technology VOC Catalyst Factory, VOC Catalyst Catalyst for sale
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      VOC Decomposition Catalyst Introduction:

      Minstrong VOC decomposition catalyst is a catalyst made up of a certain proportion of active composite metal oxide.

      It can destroy VOC and purify gas.

      It has the characteristics of low cost and high catalytic performance, also widely used in gas masks, refuge chambers, self-rescue breathing apparatus and others.

      VOC Decomposition Catalyst Technical Data:

      Minstrong VOC Decomposition Catalyst Technical Data

      VOC removal efficiency


      Mn and Cu Effective Constituent

      80% min

      Surface Area

      200 /g min


      40  N/cm min


      3% max


      Powder, Columnar Pellet, Granular Particle Size, honeycomb and ball type

      Note: technical data above is regular VOC decomposition catalyst, higher technical data can be customized.

      VOC Decomposition Catalyst Packing & Delivery:

      General Packing: 30KG in iron barrel with plastic lining on pallet

      Packing based on user's needs.

      For quantity below 2 tons, we can  deliver the hopcalite catalyst within 7 days.

      Shipping Port: Guangzhou/Shanghai/other port as request

      Air transportation, ocean transporation and railway transportation are available.

      VOC Decomposition Catalyst Sample:

      In order to help you know our products better, our factory would like to offer free sample by express air courier after mutual communication.

      VOC Decomposition Catalyst Price:

      VOC decomposition Catalyst price varies from different types, application and technical data, the price range is about 18 USD/KG to 30 USD/KG.Please contact our sales for detailed and newest price.

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