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      Welcome: Hunan Minstrong Technology Co., Ltd
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      2019 Chinese Tomb-Sweeping Day Holiday 5th April to 7th April

      Dear clients:

      Our factory and office will be closed for Tomb-Sweeping Day Holiday y, from 5th April to 7th April

      Hopcalite catalyst delivery and sample delivery will be stopped, sorry for the inconvenience.

      Any urgent issue, please contact our sale manager Candyly:

      Mobile & Whatapp &Wechat: 0086-18142685208

      Skype:    ppxxm0417

      Email:  Candyly@minstrongchina.com / ppxxm0417@163.com

      Thank you for your support all the long time.


      Minstrong Technology Co., Ltd


      Contact: Candyly

      Phone: 0086-18142685208

      Tel: 0086-0731-84115166

      Email: minstrong@minstrongchina.com

      Add: No.32 building, Nanshansudiyanuo, Wangcheng Area, Changsha, Hunan, China.

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